Show Notes, Episode 2 — Interview with Jill Jones


The second episode of the Australian Poetry Podcast, hosted by Robbie Coburn and Nathan Hondros. Featuring an extended interview with the 2015 winner of the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Poetry, Jill Jones.

Jill Jones has published eight full-length books of poetry including The Beautiful Anxiety and Dark Bright Doors. Her work can be found in major anthologies including the Macquarie PEN Anthology of Australian Literature and The Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry. In 2014 she was poet-in-residence at Stockholm University. She is also a member of the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice at the University of Adelaide and in 2015 her collection The Beautiful Anxiety was awarded the Victorian Premier’s Prize for Poetry.

Jill discusses her fascinating insights into her poetry and poetics, and reads several of her poems.

Please visit Jill on her website or blog, Ruby Street.

Australian Poetry News

  1. Launch of MTC Cronin’s latest collection The Law of Poetry launched last Sunday at the Brett Whitely Studio. Written over a period of two decades, The Law of Poetry contains poems that pay personal tributes to ‘things’ — broccoli, ducks and concrete — as well as poems that seek to physically enter the realm of abstract concepts — chance, kindness and explanations. Set out in alphabetical order — as if a dictionary of essences — each poem is titled ‘The Law of Something’, be that ‘The Law of Absolutes’, ‘The Law of the Child, Lost’ or ‘The Law of Rubber Gloves’. Now available from Puncher and Wattmann.
  2. Bob Adamson’s new collection. Published by Chicago’s Flood Editions, Net Needle is now on the streets. An Australian edition is due later in the year, but why not collect the full set? Here’s the link:
  3. THURSDAY 26 MARCH, 6.30PM — SA Writers Centre is hosting Quick & Dirty, a quarterly session of live poetry readings, this time celebrating World Poetry Day. Headlining on Thursday will be the wonderful Jill Jones, who we’re thrilled to say is our guest on this episode of the Australian Poetry Podcast.
  4. Judith Wright Poetry Prize has been announced. Judged by Overland’s Peter Minter, this year’s prize goes to Melody Paloma for her poem ‘Hyper-reactive’.
  5. SATURDAY 28 MARCH, 6PM — Paper Mountain is hosting the wrap party for the Keep Running exhibition, a survey of Artist Run Initiatives across Australia including Boxcopy, FELTspace, Sticky Institute, & Perth’s own Paper Mountain. You can also get your hands on the Keep Running book by Benchpress which has an essay by art critic Andrew Gaynor on artist run initiatives, and a video of the Keep Running symposium. Event information on Facebook.

Interview with Jill Jones

  1. Please visit Jill at her website ( or on her blog, Ruby Street (
  2. Jill’s award winning collection, The Beautiful Anxiety, is available from Puncher and Wattmann. Go get a copy!


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