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Play The Reverse Feelings Card

Uno Your Opponents In The Game of Feelpinions

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We all know and recognise the current game du jour. A person speaks a word or a phrase and suddenly Slytherin house starts whispering in corners — and before you know it there’s a pile on from the skinless permaffended brigade.

That’s offensive they hiss, while unleashing the Dogs of Social Media to try their very best to have you fired, deplatformed and threatened with death or rape for offending their delicate sensibilities.

But even if they don’t go to those lengths, many will try to play the victim card for any and all disagreements in an attempt to silence those they don’t approve of.

So here’s how to play the Reverse Feelings Card.

Permaffended: “That’s offensive”.
You: “I find your statement really offensive. You’re making me feel unsafe”.

Permaffended: “That’s (insert ism or phobia slur).
You: “It’s incredibly misogynistic/homophobic/racist/… of you to say that. Stop invalidating my lived experience.”

Always remember — “that which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”*

If feelings are the yardstick, and not offending people is the goal, simply play the Reverse Feelings Card — and insist that they stop offending you.

Desperate to dismiss me because you’re sure I’m far right?

Think again. I’m more actually left-wing than you are.

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