The Authentic Eclectic


A wooden pool or snooker table with blue baize, with white lights overhead, racked up ready to play a game, JA Vassili, Medium
Photo by Avi Richards on Unsplash

The wedding was tomorrow, at The Sands, a hotel near Brady’s mother’s beach house. Judy had commissioned an arch-like thing (someone called it an “arbor”) from the local tribal craftsmen, carved from recovered driftwood, for them to be married under.

The reception would be held in the courtyard, overlooking the water at sunset; but there would be a luncheon directly after the…



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JA Vassili

JA Vassili

I write fiction, essays, and poetry. I write what I want to read; I read what I want to write. I’ve been at it since I was a kid; I’ll be at it when I’m ancient