Take Your Kid to TireRack’s Street Survival School

Educate your child so that he or she can avoid a situation like this. (Photo courtesy of Volvo)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are three times more likely than drivers who are 20 or older to be involved in a fatal accident. Inexperience behind the wheel makes vehicle collisions the leading cause of death for teenagers.

TireRack.com wants to help you to make sure your children make it to their 20s. The company, in partnership with BMW, Michelin, the Sports Car Club of America, and others, has created a driving school that goes beyond the basic, rote instruction of a typical driver’s education program. For just $95 per student, you can enroll your kid in the Tire Rack Street Survival (TRSS) program.

Available at venues around the country, TRSS teaches your son or daughter how to control his or her own car under a range of unpredictable driving situations. Essentially, the program teaches your child how to deal with the emergency situations that typical driver’s education programs don’t.

The one-day program is for drivers aged 16 to 21, and the car they drive must meet minimum condition requirements. For more information, including dates, locations, vehicle requirements, and more, be sure to visit the Street Survival website for all of the details.

Parents, this will be the best $95 you’ll ever spend.



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