ChatGPT Raises Concerns at Google, Amazon, and Other Big Tech Companies

The incursions of new players are pushing incumbent companies to step on the accelerator.

Eugenio De Lucchi


Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

According to a recent survey with respondents from thousands of companies –including Amazon, Meta, Google, and Twitter– around 30% of professionals have already adopted ChatGPT or similar programs at work.

The adoption of AI tools is spreading fast. And for some employers, it is now becoming a source of concern.

Assuming that some of its engineers have already used OpenAI’s product as a programmer’s assistant, Amazon has reportedly told its employees not to share company information or code snippets with ChatGPT.

In response to employees’ questions about a behavior policy for ChatGPT, a corporate lawyer has instructed them not to share any sensitive information with the chatbot.

Amazon fears that OpenAI might use that sensitive information as training data for ChatGPT and that future interactions with the chatbot might include or contain that proprietary information.

Some insiders have pointed out OpenAI’s lack of transparency in data processing, blaming the lack of clarity with which the chatbot’s systems recognize and delete personal information.