A Bit Of Poetry, Eh?

I’ve never really liked poetry. Reading or writing it.

I didn’t understand it. It used metaphors for things about life I didn’t understand when I was younger. It used complex rhyme schemes and syllable counts. I understand some of the metaphors now, but still not the schemes and counts.

The poetry I like is the one without those rules. The poetry that is just like writing but sounds a little nicer, a little smoother.

Because the theme of August is learning, and I intend to focus on becoming a better writer, I thought why not write some poems? So here are three poems. They’re all about nature (on the surface). More deeply, one is about judgment. One is about dreams. One is about standing out.

If you read it, and think my poetry sucks, then please tell me. It won’t hurt my feelings, and I won’t stop writing because you say something.

If you think the poetry good, if you resonate with it, then don’t tell me. Instead, share it with a friend you think it might also resonate with. Thanks.

The Barking Dogs

Those nasty, gnarly dogs barking at me

They bark and bark and bark

As if to say,


Go away!

You don’t belong here!”

But how can they bark like that?

We’ve never met, they don’t know me.

They must simply be moron dogs,

Too stupid to realize they should give me a chance

Before they bark obnoxiously like that

Because if only they took the time

to learn about me, my personality and my interests,

I’m sure they would want to be friends,

And we could go on walks together and play fetch,

But they won’t do that

Because they’re moron dogs.

Your Dreams Are Following You

Your dreams are in the clouds

High up above

They float around following you

Waiting for you to notice

They grow heavy with anticipation

Full of hope and ideas to make happen

But when they are neglected

They darken and rumble

Your dreams are in storm clouds now

They need your attention and care

But if you continue to ignore or delay

Then those storm clouds

Will rain down on you

And you will have the choice

You may grab your umbrella or raincoat

Or go inside to avoid the downpour

Or you can embrace the chaos

of your unrelenting dreams

Letting them rain on you,

Soaking your shirt and your soul

Liberating you

To dance and splash in the puddles.

Which choice looks more fun to you?

The Tree That Stands Alone

In a wide-stretching suburban backyard

There was a single tree that stood alone.

Its trunk was rooted far from all the other tree trunks

which settled together in the Northwest corner of the yard.

Yes, life was good for the trees of the Northwest corner.

They had plenty of water, sun, and nutrients from the soil.

They spent their days poking each others’ branches

Making friends with the squirrels and birds

Observing the humans’ weekend cookouts

And gossiping about the tree that stood alone

What they didn’t know was that

Life was also good for the tree that stood alone

Sure, not everything was easy for him.

His soil wasn’t all that rich

And he always got a little bit too much sun

The worst part of it though

Was that he could hear the trees of the Northwest corner speculating about him

They would guess at reasons as to why he stayed in solitude

saying things like:

“He must be boring…that’s why no other trees will grow near him”

“His branches are weirdly shaped too”

“I heard that he’s an orphan…

his parents were used to make a dining room table set.”

Yet none of these were the reasons the tree stood alone

He did it to challenge the status quo

To show that a tree could stand alone in strength and solitude

To show that it could be done

That he didn’t have to live the same life

and do the same things as all the other trees

The trees of the Northwest corner missed this point entirely.

They ridiculed and laughed at him

When they should have been supporting and admiring.

Then, one day, the tree that stood alone got chopped down.

The trees of the Northwest corner were full of glee

At the sight of only his stump remaining, remarking

“Good riddance,” or “sure is a shame.”

What the trees of the Northwest corner didn’t know

Was that the tree that stood alone was okay with being chopped down

For he had already dispersed his seeds

All throughout the neighborhood yards

And those seeds would grow into trees

And those trees wouldn’t grow in a group

Like the trees in the Northwest corner

Rather they would all stand alone

One by one

Challenging the status quo


Image credit: Blake Verdoorn

Originally published at www.awesomeinitiative.org on August 6, 2015.

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