Walk This Way

For the first week of Finding Rest, I went on a walk every morning.

I’ve been doing a lot of walking this summer, more than I ever have before.

The reason I enjoy my walks so dearly is because I always get three things out of them (four if you count exercise, but I don’t).

First, I Get Lost

Not literally. You see, I often listen to podcasts on my iPod while walking. I find myself getting lost in the words; it’s just me, my thoughts, and the podcaster’s voice. Together we are on a creative journey skimming the surface of interesting subjects, exploring new perspectives, and dreaming beyond the limits of possible. On these journeys, I listen and take notes. I am simply along for the ride, until…

Then, I Get Found

I reflect on the days past and days ahead, reminding myself of the person I want to be and how I want to interact in the world. I become practical with my thoughts, asking myself: what can I achieve today?

One time way back in April 2014, I was strolling back to my dorm room from class. I was taking my time; I had no rush. It was during that walk that I came up with the idea for the Awesome Initiative.

More recently, I was walking to a park not far from my house. That’s where I came up with the idea for creating a library.

I do my best thinking while walking…I imagine it has to do with the abundance of oxygen flowing to my brain, but I believe it’s more than just that.

Finally, I Get Grateful

I take time to appreciate nature. The sun shining through the tree branches. The breeze cooling my body. The clouds creating imagery in the sky.

I appreciate my neighborhood. The cleverly constructed homes. The smoothly paved sidewalks. I feeling of security.

I appreciate the people in my life and the day in front of me.

It’s a simple act that makes me happy.

Most of all, walks enable me to deafen the noise. There’s so much noise in this world — from advertisements to emails to meetings and notifications. Walks are a step away from it all. They are a chance for calm. That is how they give me rest.

Walks are a great way to be alone with yourself, but they’re also a great way to spend quality time with other people!

Let’s go on a walk together. Let’s walk a mile in each other’s shoes LITERALLY!

Questions to consider:

  • what do you get out of walking?
  • where or when do you do your best thinking?

Image credit: R. Jordan N. Sanchez

Originally published at www.awesomeinitiative.org on July 9, 2015.

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