Bjørn Torske & Prins Thomas, “Arthur”

Ask an older friend what Friday used to mean.

Younger readers will not remember this, but once there was a time when Friday brought with it a sense of joy and relief, drawing down the curtains on the previous five days and allowing you room to breathe and celebrate. No matter how arduous your week had been you knew that come evening you would, even if you had work to do over the next few days, experience some sense of release and freedom until Sunday afternoon, when the dread resumed once more. Of course these days it’s all Monday and Friday at the same time, and your Saturdays and Sundays are spent in a state of shock and confusion, barely allowing you to recover from the beating that the week administered before cranking up the fear and sadness once more — sometimes simultaneous to the recovery. Now we alternate each “What?” with an “Oww,” barely even working up the energy to interject the occasional, “Please, I’ve had enough.” Anyway, happy Friday! Here’s something from the exciting new collaboration between Prins Thomas and Bjørn Torske. Enjoy.

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