Buli, “Caught In Stasis”

It’s okay to be upset.

You know how whenever you talk about how horrible everything is now there’s always some jackass who sighs deeply and shakes his head at you and says, as if talking to a small, dull child, “Well, there are still people around who lived through two world wars, let’s not overdo it”? First of all, have you seen those people lately? They look terrible. If that’s what we’ve got coming up because of all this terror I will take a pass, thank you. Also, fuck you, suffering is not relative, no one calms themselves down at 4 AM when fears of the apocalypse judder them awake by thinking, “Well, at least I’m not covered with lice in some trench in the Ardennes.” No, they think, “Everything even half-decent about an already indecent society is being destroyed and we’re all going to die.” Go fuck yourself, “let’s not overdo it” guy. Lick my left one.

Anyway, now that I have got that off my chest, perhaps something a little calming is in order. This track from Buli — a new one to me — will do the trick quite nicely. Enjoy.