Chaos In The CBD, “Subterranean Storm”

This Halloween, the Grim Reaper is a beacon of hope.

Photo: Shveckle

I have a theory about the Hillary Clinton email “revelation” of Friday which essentially says America is so exhausted with this election that it does not want to hear another fucking thing about it until it votes and collapses onto its couch next Tuesday night in an alcohol/leftover-Halloween-candy-induced coma from which it hopes to never wake up. Donald Trump’s accountant could come forward to reveal that the candidate is actually worth $972.06 and America would be like, “Shut the fuck up, we have already made up our minds.” The person at the Clinton Foundation responsible for procuring sabra prostitutes from the Mossad for Bill could hold a press conference announcing that he has video and America would say, “Get back to us around Christmas when we’ll need it, right now go away.” We’re just done, and no amount of unprecedented incompetence/interference/ass-covering is going to do anything for us (unless we are journalists, in which case we are no doubt thanking Satan for giving us one more chance to show the public just how quickly we will step all over each other to run anything we don’t fully understand so long as it is fed to us by a government source) other than make us a little sadder, a little more desperate for it to all be over.

Okay, I don’t mean to rub it in, but it’s Monday. Maybe this will relax you for a few minutes before you need to subject yourself to the new week. Enjoy.

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