Christopher Tignor, “The Will and the Waiting”

What are we waiting for?

If I said something like, “We are all just waiting for the corpse flower to bloom,” you would roll your eyes and say, “Yes, Alex, we get it, everything is terrible and each day we pass through a series of sorrows and anything we do that brings joy is simply an illusion we allow ourselves to believe because otherwise we would be forced to confront just how empty and meaningless our sorry little lives are, and that is too painful for us to bear. Only you, among the many millions of us, truly understand how futile and absurd our brief transition from nothingness to nothingness is. We all really appreciate the way you’ve taken it on yourself to remind us at every chance you get that we’re going to die and in the meantime everything we’re doing is wholly without value. Who knows what might happen if you took a day off from telling us how pointless the things we do really are? Thanks so much for being the voice of cold, hard reality that we clearly need. You’re really woke about existence, you fucking jack-off.” And I would say, “No, it’s not a metaphor, I was talking about the flower at the Botanical Garden in the Bronx,” before bursting into tears and running away because you hurt my feelings so bad. I don’t do this for me, you know. God, why do I even bother? You’re so mean.

Anyway, you don’t deserve it, but here’s a track from Christopher Tignor’s forthcoming Along A Vanishing Plane. Tignor is “a violinist, composer and programmer who has developed custom software that allows him to perform grand drone compositions solo, as demonstrated in this video for ‘The Will and the Waiting.’ This is footage of him recording the version of the song that appears on the album in one take, no overdubs.” It’s very pretty and the perfect soundtrack for whatever you are in anticipation of, be it the blooming of a flower, or death, which comes for us all. Enjoy.