Fun Friday Tech Spec

Who should buy Twitter?

In case you are worried about how horrible it’s going to be out there today because of the Facebook news, I have an alternative and slightly better topic for you to focus on: Who Will Buy Twitter?

Personally I prefer the idea of Salesforce buying Twitter because I think their cloud logo goes with Twitter’s bird logo a lot better than Google’s (sans serif primary colors logo:

Which one makes you think more of birds?

“Google is a really obvious fit,” said The Outline’s Joshua Topolsky this morning. Topolsky also speculated earlier this year about how Twitter might and could end:

Yesterday, Buzzfeed’s Charlie Warzel reported some pretty damning statistics about the user experience of reporting abusive tweets:

Not good. Hmmm I wonder what other giant tech companies out there are in the business of buying up other companies and screwing everything up left and right? Oh right:

Maybe Verizon can buy Twitter and then Google can buy Verizon and Facebook can buy them both and they can all be rolled into Salesforce and the cloud can get hacked and then the only thing left will be Comcast and we’ll just watch TV and never tweet about it. Sounds like a pretty good existence if you ask me.