Gas, “Narkopop 8”

We needed this.

Everything is terrible but sometimes there are surprises:

Here are promotional words:

In the body of work of Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt — who, like few others, has informed, shaped and influenced the world of electronic music with countless different projects since the early 1990s -, GAS stands out in particular as a saturnine sound cosmos based on heavily condensed classic sequences. Even after nearly 20 years, the sound of GAS doesn’t seem to have lost any of its luster…. Nearly two decades after the last official GAS album release, Wolfgang Voigt returns to his iconic Ambient project with a brandnew full-length. 
- NARKOPOP continues the classic GAS aesthetic of symphonic scope and subtle variation, taking the listener on an otherworldly journey to the depths of rapture and reverie.

I know “rapture and reverie” can make you feel a little eye-rolly, but they are in this case correct, Gas was one of the great projects of the last 25 years. I am not someone who gets excited about… anything, but the fact that there is a new Gas album coming out in late April means it is worth sticking around until at least late April to hear how it turns out. Here’s another sample.

Enjoy, there’s so little else out there to be glad about.

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