If You Don’t Remember How Dumb The ’90s Were I’m Jealous

Ugh, this Stereogum piece on the ’90s tribute album glut brings back some painful memories for me, particularly when I think about how rich I would be now if I had simply invested every $16.99 I shelled out for these filler-heavy collections in something that had a bright future in America instead, like guns. In fact, Stereogum’s Weird ’90s series promises to be an endless parade of painful memories, if this piece on the swing revival is any indication. What a terrible fucking decade the ’90s was. I’m sorry you all have to go through it again now. I guess this is the right place to warn you that next year will see the 25th anniversary of the Amy Fisher/Joey Buttafuoco saga, so now might be the time to find out if you can get yourself into an elective coma for that. I know, it’s too terrible to think about. Maybe this will help: