Imre Kiss, “Shadow Universe”

Can you even wait for the next thing?

What’s going to happen today? NOBODY KNOWS! That’s the great thing about life now, every day there is something completely new and unexpected, coming at an unpredictable time and revealing novel and surprising scenarios which completely overwrite those which occurred the day before! You never have any idea what’s going to happen next and it keeps happening to you all the time! How remarkable! Think of the poor people who lived in the decades prior to now, whose lives were dull and eventless and proceeded at such a glacial pace. How jealous they would be of you if they only knew what a roller coaster ride your day-to-day life is! Sometimes it’s hard to believe, right? Anyway, here’s “a trippy neo-tribal burner doped on trance’y saturations, flanged percs and subtle exotic drum taps.” I don’t know either and it doesn’t make a difference because everything is astounding now! Enjoy!

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