Kiasmos, “Swept (Tale Of Us Remix)”

Everything is terrible and it takes more and more of an effort for you to pretend that it’s not. The things you once found fun and filled with possibility are now events to be endured or avoided altogether. Memories of conversations you had days and weeks ago keep popping up unbidden at inopportune moments to make you cringe or mutter aloud involuntarily. The more you realize exactly how everyone else sees you the less you want to do anything at all. Your recent failures seem to linger longer in your head than even your earlier embarrassments, reminding you that the time left ticks down and the lofty dreams you once had for yourself will probably never come true. Most days you wish you could just disappear. This day, however, is Friday, and it’s going to be seventy-fucking-five degrees. 75! In November! I am not going to tell you that your life is going to get better, but for today at least it is not going to get much worse. Embrace that. You can hate yourself again tomorrow. Enjoy.

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