Lindstrøm, “Closing Shot”

Time passes slowly

You know when you have to attend some sort of event that you are absolutely dreading — the ballet, say, or a family gathering — and you steel yourself before you go in with the thought that, “It’s only three hours. People spend decades in prison for crimes they didn’t commit, you can make it through three hours,” it still only takes about six minutes before you are looking for something sharp or nooselike to help you end your misery? No matter how agonizing it is, no matter how slowly the time seems to pass, things do eventually end and then you are free to go on with your life as it was before, even if you are now slightly diminished for having stared into the abyss and shown yourself your cowardice upon seeing its face. Anyway, if there is something like that in your immediate future, for example at 9 P.M. Eastern this evening, rest assured that it will indeed eventually end. Everything does. I hope you find that as comforting as I do.

Please enjoy this video from Lindstrøm. Given what the future holds, it might be the brightest part of your day.

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