Lines of Text I’ve Clicked to Exit Pop-Ups, Ranked From Least to Most True

by Julia Phillips

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.44.30 PM

35. Marathons are easy
 34. I’m not interested in celebrity friendships
 33. I already have a bikini body
 32. I know it all
 31. That soap scum isn’t bothering me
 30. I’m not interested in free recipes
 29. I don’t want to see celebs without makeup
 28. I know exactly how much my stove installation will cost
 27. I don’t enjoy long, luscious, clump-free lashes
 26. I am happy with low traffic
 25. I’m not interested in increasing my growth
 24. I’d rather stay in the dark about this and let others have the advantage
 23. I don’t like winning
 22. I don’t need sex tips
 21. I’m not looking to lose weight
 20. I’m not interested in winning free things
 19. I’m not interested in beauty tips
 18. I don’t care about the future
 17. I prefer to pay full price
 16. I don’t think our generation needs a voice
 15. I don’t like exclusive deals
 14. I have infinite energy
 13. I don’t want 25,000 more visitors to my site
 12. I’m not interested in protecting my skin
 11. I don’t want to find out if he’s the one
 10. I’d rather go buy ketchup
 9. I don’t like to get more customers
 8. I’m not interested in the 12 shoes every woman should own
 7. I don’t need today’s most important stocks
 6. Keeping up in the IT world is unimportant to me
 5. I prefer more popular cars
 4. I’m not a fan of shiplap
 3. I like eating unhealthy food
 2. I’m all set for right now
 1. I’ll stay out of the loop