Many Voices Speak, “Blue Moon”

We should have done an Internet fast today.

I was casting about for some music to share with you this morning when I came across this on the sidebar of one of the sites that I stopped in at.

Today is Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year, the Hebrews’ day of atonement. Although I am both a terrible person and a matrilineal Jew I do not observe this holiday, but perhaps I should. Perhaps we all should. Perhaps we should all bow our heads in shame and reflect upon the awful things we have allowed the Internet to become, the cancerous mutations we have empowered with our horrible habits and toxic sloth and poisonous greed. Maybe we should fast all day in hopes that somehow the lord God looks down upon our minimal sacrifice and sees that deep in our hearts we feel sorrow for whatever part we’ve played in helping to perpetuate this abomination against humanity, this sick indictment of who we are and what we think of our potential as human beings. Maybe in the moments prior to sending down His fire to smite us for all the sins we have liked and shared or even just clicked through out of idle curiosity, God will spare a second to acknowledge our remorse before He brings forth His appropriate retribution. Should God choose this day to put an end to His most misguided creation let us at least be swept aside with the last words on our lips being an apology for the Internet and all the evil we have enabled on its pages. (This is not meant as a reflection on the current condition of Rachel Hunter btw.)

Or not, whatever. It’s pretty to think that the cleansing fire of the Lord could somehow make things better but I’ve been around long enough to know that life just isn’t that sweet. Hey, here’s the best version of “Blue Moon” I have heard in forever. Enjoy. And if you’re fasting today, stay strong. Sundown’s got to come sometime.

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