New York City, June 16, 2015

weather review sky 061615

★★★ Murky white air dimmed and brightened. It was not even hot out, just uncomfortable. The white turned gray. It was unclear whether the droplets on the air were precipitating out of it on their own or with the help of air conditioners. Midday darkened and got chillier. Then sun came on; the buildings far downtown floated in a glare that swelled the sinuses. Again the fickle sky went gray, and a shower fell. After it abated, umbrellas were still out — and a yellow poncho. One person held a plastic bookstore bag overhead. The air mashed down on the ambient smells, concentrating them. Uptown the subway steps led to a view of unanticipated white and blue. Secondhand sunbeams bounced around Broadway as cab tires slished on the wet roadway. Now the buildings stood distinct, in air washed clean. Gold poured along 60th Street and spotlit leaves here and there in the corner of the Park. Little clouds, a rich apricot color, blew fast and low in front of a wide-spreading silver-blue contrail. Light pierced Avery Fisher Hall. Another contrail, a low thick cord, faded to magenta and then flared bright orange again. The gelato had softened enough that there was no sense saving any to stow in the freezer for later.

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