New York City, June 27, 2017

★★★★ The cool, bright morning seemed continuous with the evening before, but the cars and sidewalks had been splashed down by a shower in between. An unpleasant pinkish gray grew in the west and lurked there for a while, and even when the full sunlight returned there was a murkiness to it. Citibikes were cutting through the crosswalks none too steadily. The air lost some of its stickiness through the hours, and a breeze ambled around. A cliff of cumulus fell in slow motion across the space between building facades. Reflected light got in among the steps of a fire escape. Gladiator sandals kept showing up. In the late west there was a shapeless golden glow like Zeus on the prowl. A bird, huge but far away, turned in the sky where the bright blur gave way to the ordinary gorgeousness of sharp silver and gray.

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