Penguin Cafe & Cornelius, “Solaris” (Cornelius Mix)

What’s it like to still have hope?

Photo: lgh75

If you woke up this morning thinking things would be better I want you to find someone close, someone you trust, who will sit you down and explain to you that things are only going to stay bad or get worse from now on. “Yes, but there’s a three-day weekend coming up,” you’ll say. “Hey,” your friend will respond, “you’re the one who asked me to sit you down and have this talk with you in the first place, this is why no one has bothered with it before, you just don’t listen even when we’re trying to do something for your own good, I’m fucking sick of it,” and then he or she will storm off, leaving you wondering why so many of your conversations end this way. But because you are the kind of person who can still wake up in the morning, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, thinking things will be better it won’t take you long before you laugh the whole thing off and go on about your day in a spirit of optimism and not a little confusion. I have to say, I’m jealous. I wish everything could float by me that way. It must be nice. No wonder you’re always smiling.

Speaking of nice, here’s a collaboration between Penguin Cafe and Cornelius. Enjoy.

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