Quiz: Reaction to Donald Trump’s Most Recent News Conference or Description of the Waters of Rio de Janeiro Where Olympic Athletes Will Compete?

This is a tough one!

Left: Brazilian pollution (Photo: MAHM), Right: American garbage (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

“Despite the government’s promises seven years ago to stem the waste that fouls Rio’s expansive Guanabara Bay and the city’s fabled ocean beaches, officials acknowledge that their efforts… have fallen far short. In fact, environmentalists and scientists say Rio’s waters are much more contaminated than previously thought,” Andrew Jacobs reported in the New York Times. Meanwhile, the Republican nominee for the presidency held a press conference in which he “[encouraged] Russian espionage against the United States.” Are the terms below characterizations of the press conference or depictions of what lurks within Brazilian beaches?

  1. “veritable petri dish of pathogens”

2. “putrid stew”

3. “drug-resistant ‘superbacteria”’

4. “human crap”

5. “disease-causing”

6. “pure sludge”

7. “raw sewage”

8. “household garbage”

9. “chemical waste”

10. “oil and muck”

11. “It’s disgusting.”

12. “much more contaminated than previously thought”

13. “Keep your mouth closed.”

Answers: They’re all about the waters in Rio, but admit it, there were a few where you were pretty sure they were about Trump.