San Cisco, “Too Much Time Together”

Remember San Cisco’s “Awkward”? Of course you don’t, it was over three years ago, which, in our era of chronologic celerity, might as well be so far in the historical past that when you try to remember it your brain conjures up sepia-shaded images of women in crinoline curtsying to poorly-dentrificed men in powdered wigs at some lute-intensive dance in a giant ballroom as extravagantly-groomed horses shit out in the street and gap-toothed orphans huddle around fires in their lice-infested rags to keep from catching their death of cold in the brutal and pitiless winter. But that image is incorrect; that is actually what 2008 looked like. Still, early 2012 was a long time ago. To put it in a perspective that might make it easier for you to understand, when “Awkward” came out, Taylor Swift was only 23, and her fans were considerably younger, and anyone older than she was knew better than to hope that by pretending to find her “amazing” or “empowering” or “fierce” some of her youth or dazzle would magically transfer and allow the pretender to also pretend that they weren’t edging ever closer to a time in which culture was no longer aimed at them or even adjacent to them and the next stop on their journey was the grave. It was a while ago, is what I’m saying. Anyway, San Cisco has a new album coming out soon and here’s a song from it. It’s kind of catchy, right?

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