Superpitcher, “Snow Blind”

How to prosper during the coming bad hours.

Here’s some friendly advice: Stay off Twitter today. Nothing good is going to happen there, nothing you see there will make it okay, nothing else you do today will be positive enough to offset the feeling of wanting to die that looking at Twitter leaves you with. Do you have to be on Twitter for your job? Get a different job. Or figure out how much money you need to fix the damage Twitter is doing to you every time you are forced to look at it for work and make them pay you that amount, plus a little extra for the additional psychic toll we will only figure out years from now. Seriously, don’t look at Twitter today. It’s a difficult step, but an important one. Tomorrow we can work on your news alerts.

Feel better? Of course you do. Now here’s a terrific track from the new Superpitcher project. Enjoy.

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