The American Dream Project

by Awl Sponsors

Brought to you by Cole Haan and Happy Marshall’s American Dream Project


What is the American Dream? Is it still alive today? And if so, who for?

Every day we are bombarded with bad news — about jobs, debt, climate change and the vanishing middle class. We worry about the things that divide us. But how often do we hear stories of the true spirit of everyday Americans?

It feels like the American Dream is still an open question.

James Marshall explores this theme in his American Dream Project — a multi-part series documenting a cross country motorcycle trip from New York City to Los Angeles. James and his friend Todd Williams took off armed with just $250, their wits, and a sense of adventure. Their journey was guided by a single aphorism: “There are more good people than bad. We have more in common than not.”


James’ objective was simple: reverse the negative sentiment Americans and the media are (more often than not) associating with “America.” By using social media to connect with people, plot their course, put a roof over their heads at night and work for their keep, they were able to document and showcase that The American Dream and the optimistic spirit that built this country is very much so still alive. Check out more stills from the journey below.

Watch the American Dream Project series here.