The Greatest Hoax, “Just Passing Through”

Eyes on the prize

Photo: Debra

We make fun of millennials for — well, for everything really, and rightly so, they’re awful, but especially for their “everyone gets a trophy” culture. (Before you get upset about this, millennials, please note that I don’t care. I’ve got problems of my own right now. I’m not your mom and I’m not really interested in your issues or feelings. Sorry. I promise you’ll get over it.) Given how things are going these days, though, I can kind of see the appeal. I, for instance, think we should all get a trophy for every goddamn week we manage to make it through now. I want a little ribbon for each day, a trophy for the week, an awards dinner for every month and a fucking statue if I make it through a year. These are, at this point, real achievements. Anyway, it’s trophy day. Congratulations, I am genuinely proud of you. I cannot hand out any hardware, but here’s a very good song (pay attention to the build, which is sedate but worth it) and my declaration of admiration for your tenacity. Enjoy.

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