The Most Important Thing Right Now Is That You Stop Being Mean To Anne Hathaway

“Everyone does it” is not a good excuse anymore.

In case you were distracted by the terrible war crimes in Syria and the horrifying pictures of its innocent children dying in indescribable agony, you should know that the word has gone forth this week that it is no longer okay to hate Anne Hathaway, an activity which is apparently all anyone in America has done during the last five years. Perhaps you were too busy making barely enough money to live on in our struggling economy, or raising your children, or taking care of a sick parent — whatever, I’m sure you’ve got an excuse — to partake in the nonstop nationwide orgy of excoriation directed at the Oscar-winning actress, but you are the exception, and now the media has decided that the whole thing has gone on long enough, that too many people have been hurt, and that it’s time (propitiously, right as her new movie comes out) for the 217,992, 214 active Hathaway haters (estimate: U.S. Census Bureau) to stand down. It’s 2017, you guys: There are considerably more pressing concerns on which to attend. Please make a note of it.