The Story Of The McRib Is The Story Of America

Stuff yourself stupid with McRib, it’s the only thing that makes sense anymore

Every year, McDonald’s releases the McRib sandwich. A limited-time offer, the menu item is only available for a few weeks, leading legions of McDonald’s fans to try and figure out which restaurants are carrying it and how many they have left. For the last few years, fan-created McRib locators have popped up on the internet.
Now, for the first time, McDonald’s is leading the charge, with a new iOS 10 McRib Finder iMessage app. It doesn’t ask for a zip code, using the device’s location to help customers find the closest McRib, then share that with friends. There’s also a McRib keyboard attached with stickers.

The McRib is back! And McDonalds is making it much easier for you to find one, which will help them to market their pre-masticated toxins at you with increased efficiency in the future. Anyway: WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE McRIB? Funny you should ask.

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