The xx, “A Violent Noise” (Four Tet Remix)

Grrr: A Look Back

I don’t know about you, but I was in a bad mood yesterday. Everything pissed me off, and I am someone who wakes up each morning already rubbed the wrong way — which is understandable given that these days there is pretty much nonstop garbage pelted at you from the second you reluctantly open your eyes to the moment you mercifully manage to close them — so it takes a good deal of indignity and affront to make a day appreciably awful for me. But for whatever reason, yesterday was worse than usual. Why? I blame the weather. It’s not like life was appreciably dumber than it was the day before. I mean, except for that Easter explainer, that was pretty fucking gross. But other than that, it was just the normal level of stupidity and insults directed at me as an individual and as a member of the species. Will today be better? Who the fuck knows? I’d like to say it would have to be but I have been wrong about that pretty much any time I’ve predicted it, so I’m going to keep my idiot mouth shut. Was yesterday an endless parade of irritation for you? Bitch about in on social media like everyone else, why don’t you? In the meantime, here’s another great remix from Four Tet. Enjoy.

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