Thundercat, “Song For The Dead”

All the major national referenda of my lifetime have operated along these lines: a sense of confidence at the opening from analysts that voters will choose the safer economic option; an increasing level of unease at the midway point; a moment where the less conservative option takes a small lead in the polls, leading to panic; a restoration of equilibrium between the two options as voters go to choose; a decision by voters to choose the safer economic option. Will today’s vote on Brexit on Knifecrime Island play out any differently? If your answer is “What the fuck is Brexit,” oh my God, I wish I were you, I wish I weren’t paying attention to any of this. You’re so lucky. If you still want to know Google “noel gallagher brexit,” that should get you up to speed. Speaking of music, Thundercat’s terrific The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam EP came out last summer, but there’s a new video now, which is as good an excuse as any for us all to remember Thundercat’s terrific The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam EP. Enjoy.

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