Who Are The People That Don’t Use The Internet?

15% of Americans, says a Pew Report from this summer that is making the rounds again, don’t use the Internet. Who are they? Perhaps they’re the people who peered into the abyss and realized as they stood on its lip that to look too deeply into that vast, cavernous hole — in spite of all its seeming promise and the entreaties of their dead-eyed, cramped-thumbed friends to join them in their vacuous pursuit of empty, fleeting distraction — was to risk a permanent state of dissatisfaction, of agitation, of always feeling like things could be better but never realizing why, a longing which would result in an permanent, overpowering sense of dread and futility and the desire to bury everything under a quick hit of whatever that hour’s escape from awareness might be. Maybe they’re the people who decided that as horrible as life is without a comfortable layer of artifice and amusement to protect them from the terrible truth that they are dying every day and their lives lack meaning — that their suffering is endured for no larger purpose because there is, in the end, no larger purpose to anything anyone experiences — it is more honest to abide the miseries of existence without recourse to the tricks that allow you to pretend it doesn’t actually hurt that bad. But I don’t know, I didn’t really read the report when it came out and I’m not sure why it has resurfaced now. If I had to guess this would be my answer. But it’s probably just people who live in the woods and the poor. The whole thing’s here if you want to find out for yourself and report back.