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20 reasons why you should be jealous of your pet

by Nadine Descheneaux

If you’re surprised at sometimes feeling jealous of your pet, you should be reassured that it’s totally normal! At times, we all find ourselves envying the comfortable, easy lives that our furry companions lead. Here are 20 reasons why, every now and then, we wouldn’t mind swapping lives with our pets.

Cat napping

Cats spend two thirds of their lives sleeping. Out of the 24 hours in a day, they sleep — more or less deeply — for around 16 of them. And the best thing? They don’t feel the slightest bit of guilt at doing this day after day after day.

Lying like a lizard in the sun

Lizards are pets that adore the heat, and it’s easy to be jealous of their warm and cozy lifestyle. They prefer temperatures of over 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) (depending on the type of lizard), although they do sometimes need to seek out a shady, cooler spot. They can choose the climate they prefer — what a life!

Your dog’s happiness

You might have only left your dog for a few minutes, but you’re greeted with pure ecstasy on your return. Reunions are always the most joyous occasion for this happy-go-lucky animal.

Your cat’s agility

Watching a cat move around, you might find yourself envying its agility. Cats are able to walk along thin ledges, or jump to the top of cupboards without making anything fall. And when they jump back down, they have no trouble landing on their feet. We can only dream of moving like that!

A mouse’s aptitude for tight spaces

Mice have no trouble when it comes to getting into tight spaces — a skill that we are both fascinated by and a little bit jealous of. It would be great to be able to squeeze into any space without being seen, and to be able to listen to whatever’s being said!

A dog’s honesty

Dogs will never just pretend to like you. For some humans, they’ll feel a real physical aversion, often because they detect antipathy from their owner, and they certainly won’t make any attempt to hide it! Life would be so simple if we all dropped the act every now and then.

A cat’s night vision

Cats can’t see through total darkness, but their night vision is certainly better than ours. Feline pupils open much wider than ours, making them much better at capturing light.

Being as cute as hedgehog

Why not put it to the test? Show your friends a photo of a little hedgehog, and you’ll be greeted by a cacophony of admiring coos and sighs. They’re hard not to love! Pet hedgehogs are all the rage right now and to be honest, we’re a bit jealous of how popular they are.

Keeping as calm as a guinea pig

Guinea pigs have a reputation for being seldom stressed or nervous, and that’s probably why they’re often chosen as a pet for children (even in some schools). We’re jealous of their ability to remain calm and to rise above any anxiety-inducing thoughts. We’d love to have their ability to just let go.

Rising above it all like a cat

There’s no pet that seems to rise above everything quite like a cat. We doubt they put too much effort into making themselves do anything! They don’t give two hoots about good manners, shamelessly hiding themselves away even when there are visitors (unless they feel curious enough to take a look!).

Honestly, we’d love to be brave enough to act like them.

Your fish’s capacity to switch off

We wouldn’t switch lives with just any old fish (and we wouldn’t do it forever either!), but it’s lovely to imagine having nothing else to do but swim around our bowl without thinking about anything — switching ourselves off and emptying our brains.

Taking things slow like a tortoise

Life can sometimes feel like a perpetual obstacle course, so it’s easy to feel jealous of the tortoise, an animal that has mastered the art of going slow. They’re not in a hurry and, above all, they never panic.

A cat’s luck

Cats pretty much have it all. They fall on their feet rather than crash landing like something from an epic fail video on YouTube. They even have nine lives which, given the length of our to-do lists, seems like just the right amount of time!

A hamster’s carefree attitude

It’s pretty common to envy your hamster’s carefree attitude. Endlessly running in its little wheel, not at all concerned about not moving forward an inch. There’s probably absolutely nothing at all going through this little animal’s brain, and that’s a skill we’d love to develop.

As cheerful as a bird

Birds never get up on the wrong side of bed — they don’t even sleep in beds! Even caged birds always seem to be in a good mood. They’re happy, elegant, and cheerful. Some mornings, we’d love to switch places.

You dog’s sense of smell

A dog’s sense of smell is up to ten times more powerful than a human’s. If we were like them, we probably wouldn’t have to spend so long looking for everything that we’ve misplaced.

Not having an overloaded brain

Another reason to envy your pet is that they never suffer from the very human complaint of an overloaded brain. What do dogs, chinchillas, snakes, budgies, or rabbits have to worry about? In fact, we often do the thinking for them, simply adding to our own burden!

Your pet’s people skills

When you take your dog to the park, it’s the animal that strangers speak to first. When guests enter your home, they often greet your dog before they greet you. What can we say? Animals just have better people skills.

Their Instagram popularity

Some pets have thousands (if not millions) of Instagram followers. They are real stars, with flourishing (and very lucrative) businesses. And all that without having to lift a finger! Some even have products made in their image. We must admit — we’re jealous of both their fame and their bank accounts!

A simple life

It’s easy to be jealous of the way that animals can amuse themselves with absolutely nothing at all. Ads selling “bigger,” “better,” or “improved” products hold no sway over them. They’re simply happy with what they have. The proof? Look to any dog amusing itself by chasing a fly, or a cat playing for hours with a cardboard box.



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