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20 signs your cat loves you

by Nadine Descheneaux

He rubs up against your legs


When a cat rubs his body against your legs, it’s because he loves you. Cats have sensitive noses, and this is a sign he wants to share his scent with you.

She brings you a “gift”


Whether it’s a toy or a dead bird, this “gift” is proof that your cat appreciates you so much, she wants to “feed” you or simply make you happy.

He nibbles you


Cats nibble each other to show affection. Notice that they don’t bite hard — it’s their way of expressing love and devotion.

She licks you


If your cat licks your hands, face, or even your ears with her little rough tongue, don’t be angry. She loves you and is replicating what she would do with a feline companion. You’re part of her family!

He massages you


You’re asleep in bed, and your cat begins gently kneading his paws on you, alternating the pressure between right and left. Don’t kick him to the floor. He’s showing, in his way, that he loves you. Admit it: it’s quite pleasant to receive an affectionate massage from your cat!

She follows you


A cat who follows you around the house like a little lap dog is without a doubt a cat who enjoys your company. Otherwise, she would hide.

He presses his forehead against you

Kristi Blokhin / Shutterstock

Does your cat sometimes head-butt your arm or rub his forehead against your leg? In feline language, these gestures are equivalent to hugs. Your cat also does this because he wants you to have the same scent.

She sleeps with you

Chris Abney on Unsplash

Does your cat curl up in bed with you? Count yourself lucky. In order to sleep, a cat needs to feel safe. If she snoozes with you in your bed, it’s a sure sign she adores you.

He welcomes you home


If your cat greets you warmly when you get home from work, you’ll know you’re in your pet’s good graces. He was hoping you would come back, so there’s no need to doubt his love for you.

She holds your gaze


Cats are curious animals, so their attention often darts from one thing to the next. But if your cat stares at you while blinking slowly, for her, it’s the same thing as giving you a kiss. With this subtle gesture, she’s indicating that she trusts and loves you.

He sits on you


You’re sitting in your armchair, at the kitchen table, or in your bed, and suddenly your cat jumps onto your lap. When he snuggles up to you like this, know that it’s proof of his love for you.

She sleeps on your things


If you find your cat in a pile of clothes (even dirty laundry!) or under your bed covers, don’t be surprised — she loves you and is seeking out your scent. This is why she chooses to rest in a place where your scent is very present.

He sleeps on his back


A cat exposes his belly when he sleeps on his back. Only a cat who completely trusts his human companions would assume this vulnerable position.

She squints


As you pet your cat’s head, she squints her eyes and stretches her head toward you. Your cat loves you — don’t question it! Squinting is a sign of contentment.

He curves the tip of his tail


A cat’s tail can indicate his mood. If his tail is in the air and folded just at the tip, your cat is sending you a message of love.

She tucks in her paws to go to sleep


A cat who feels secure and who is not in a watchful state assumes this position to rest or sleep. If your cat folds her paws under herself when you’re nearby, you’ll know you’re important to her.

He cleans himself in front of you


Cats like to clean themselves, but they usually try to do so in private. If your cat cleans himself in front of you, and if he shows you his bum while he’s at it, it’s clear he loves you.

She “talks” to you


Cats can make different types of meowing sounds. Maybe you talk to your cat and she responds by meowing in different ways. This type of feline-human communication is evidence of the bond of love that exists between the two of you.

He lives life to the fullest


Your cat lives life to the fullest: he is energetic, playful, mischievous, and has a good appetite. This means he’s happy, and of course, you contribute to his sense of well-being.

She purrs at you


When you pet your cat or while you take care of her, she purrs at you with a special sound that’s just for you. This is a sign that you hold a special place in your cat’s life, and she wants to let you know it.




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