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25 pictures of wild animals roaming empty streets

by Gabrielle Lisa Collard


While unable to move about as usual (other than between the living room and washroom), we can at least find consolation in, if not live vicariously through, the following photos of adorable animals who’ve boldly taken over public spaces.

Three friends

Dace Kundrate / Shutterstock

Two roosters and one hen stroll through the streets of Lisbon, Portugal.

Gang of kitties

Moritz Wolf / imageBROKER / Shutterstock

This small band of wandering cats, clearly too cool for school, enjoy a warm day in Tangier, Morocco.

Mother and baby raccoon out and about


A mother raccoon and her baby look both ways before crossing a street.

Deer at a gas station


These deer in Zakopane, Poland, would also like to take advantage of dropping gas prices.

A boar takes its time

ABIR SULTAN / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

This wild boar calmly sniffs the ground in Haifa, Israel, while an amused family looks on.

Daydreaming duck


Comfortably settled along Lake Mogan, this duck admires the faraway skyline of Golbasi, Turkey.

Strolling deer


Visibly delighted to be out for a city stroll, this young deer roams through Nara, a Japanese city known worldwide for its herd of friendly deer.

Whose street is this, anyway?


Apparently, a bunch of mountain goats!

Shy coyote


This cute, yet fearless coyote is making the most of beautiful San Francisco.

Fox looking for lunch


It’s not every day that we see a lovely fox looking for food in the heart of London. One creature’s trash is another creature’s treasure!

Confident rooster


This self-assured rooster rambles through the calm streets of Key West, Florida. We almost want to call him “sir.”

Busy donkey


Time is money. This donkey has taken to the street to get from point A to point B.

Sunbathing iguana


This big iguana has chosen to catch some rays in a park in downtown David, Panama.

Buffaloes along the Ganges

AJP / Shutterstock

Taking advantage of the tranquillity, these buffaloes descend stairs bordering the Ganges in Varanasi, India.

Bashful bunny


A grey rabbit rests in the green grass of an urban park.

Three industrious monkeys


These little monkeys, seated in a street in Lopburi, Thailand, known as the city of monkeys, concentrate attentively on their delousing session.

Curious little deer

EQRoy / Shutterstock

Two deer friends closely inspect a storefront in Itsukushima, Japan.

Wild horses


Three magnificent wild horses enjoy a superb, swimmer-free beach in Guatemala.

Kangaroos in a park


Several kangaroos lounge in the grass in a municipal park in Canberra, Australia.

Lynx searching for prey


This lynx has expanded its hunting territory into the city streets.

Boar family

ABIR SULTAN / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

A mama boar and her two piglets wander freely through the streets of Haifa, Israel.

Magnificent swans


Majestic swans enjoy life by the water. Here, they relax on the banks of the Drava River in Maribor, Slovenia.

Goats in the street


It’s almost rush hour on this street where some goats enjoy a casual stroll.

Trio of happy dogs

Hugo Sampaio / Shutterstock

These three canine companions race along a coastal beach in the Brazilian state of Piaui.

Cats having fun in the street


These cute kittens, out for a stroll, boldly claim this entire street in sunny Majorca.




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