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These celebs have adorable pets

by Kim Mannix

Instagram @iansomerhalder

It might be the box-office hits or bestselling albums that first capture our attention, but even the most popular stars become more lovable when they show off their celebrity pet. Whether it’s a drooling pooch, a fur ball cat or a prize-winning horse, these photos give a glimpse into celebs’ not-so-secret lives with their adorable pets.

Kaley Cuoco — with horse Benji

Instagram @kaleycuoco

Horse lover Kaley Cuoco takes a moment to connect with her horse, Benji. The Big Bang Theory star has been riding horses and participating in competitions for years. During an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Cuoco explained that horseback riding is a very important part of her life, and helps keep her grounded. “It kind of levels me out with this whole Hollywood thing,” she said.

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Chelsea Handler — with dog Bert

Instagram Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has long been an advocate of rescuing dogs through shelter adoptions, and promised her fans that she would adopt again after the recent passing of her beloved pooches Tammy and Chunk. The comedian and author frequently updates her Instagram with posts about her newest pups, Chow hounds Bernice and Bert, who is seen here helping Handler with her morning workout.

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Kevin Hart — with dog Roxy

Instagram @kevinhart4real

In the movie The Secret Life of Pets, he voiced a feisty bunny named Snowball, but in real life comedian and actor Kevin Hart is really a dog person. Hart says he can’t enter or leave the house without giving his dog pals a treat. He’s the proud owner of a mini pinscher named Riggs, and a big Doberman pinscher named Roxy, who, as shown here, likes to cuddle with Hart.

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Portia de Rossi — with horse Banksy

Instagram @portiaderossi

The Arrested Development star has said that it was horses who saved her life during her battle with anorexia and bulimia. She and wife Ellen DeGeneres spend most of their weekends at their 26-acre farm where they can be with their horses, dogs and cats. Here de Rossi shows off the winning ribbon awarded to her horse, Banksy, after an equestrian show.

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Hugh Jackman — with dogs Dali and Allegra

Instagram @HughJackman

Jackman and his wife Deborra-lee Furness are frequently spotted walking their treasured pooches, whether it’s giving them a stroll on the streets of NYC or letting them run on the beach like in this photo. The Logan star has even admitted that he loves his pups so much that he has Skype or Facetime chats with them when he’s away filming.

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Orlando Bloom — with dog Mighty

Instagram @Orlando Bloom

His name may be Mighty, but Bloom’s beloved red poodle is mini enough for lap cuddling, or to tuck into a pouch while the actor zips around posh European cities on his motorcycle or bike. Mighty’s celebrity pet lookalike is Nugget, the dog of pop star Katy Perry, who also happens to be Bloom’s girlfriend.

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Ricky Gervais — with cat Ollie

Instagram @rickygervais

The actor and comedian is so obsessed with his cat Ollie that he takes nightly selfies with the feline and posts them to his Instagram page. Gervais is passionate about animal rights in general, and vocal about animal cruelty, encouraging his fans to partake in animal-friendly holiday traditions, and to avoid companies that test on animals.

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Liam Hemsworth — with dog Tani

Instagram @Liam Hemsworth

The Hunger Games star regularly posts pics with his beloved rescue pups on his social media feed, including snaps of his adorable dog Tani seen here. Hemsworth and fiancée Miley Cyrus have rescued several dogs together over the years. Cyrus recently posted about how grateful she was that Hemsworth and all their pets made it safely out of their Malibu home before it burned down in the California fires.

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Amanda Seyfried — with dog Finn

Instagram @mingey

The Mamma Mia! actress said she “became a dog person overnight” when she met her pup Finn on the set of the series Big Love. She said she thinks of Finn as family and even has it written into her contracts that he’s allowed on every film set she works on.

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Olivia Munn — with dog Chance

Instagram @oliviamunn

The X-Men: Apocalypse star is proud dog mama to Chance, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, as well as a Jack Russell terrier mix named Frankie. Munn also serves as the creative strategist for the dog-walking app Wag!

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Sharon Osbourne — with dogs Dolly and Daizy

Instagram @sharonosbourne

In July of 2018, the host of The Talk posted a pic of her newest puppies, Dolly and Daizy. Osbourne and her rocker husband Ozzy have several dogs and cats and have planned to build a doggy daycare on their lavish Buckinghamshire estate. However, the application has received resistance from neighbours who are worried about the noise.

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Emmy Rossum — with cat Fiona G. Kitty

Instagram @emmy

Shameless star Emmy Rossum is a vocal advocate of pet adoption and frequently reminds her fans and followers to do what they can to reduce the number of dogs and cats killed in animal shelters each year. She likes to post selfies with cat Fiona G. Kitty, and provide photo evidence of the cat’s antics, such as jumping on a beautifully dressed Thanksgiving table.

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Martha Stewart — with dogs Bête Noire and Crème Brûlée

Instagram @marthastewart

The lifestyle queen, seen here with her adorable French bulldogs Bête Noire and Crème Brûlée, has been an animal lover her whole life. Her first cat was named Chiggi and was adopted from a shelter. She still has several cats, as well as Chow dogs and a flock of canaries that live in a designer cage.

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Reese Witherspoon — with dog Pepper

Instagram @reesewitherspoon

The Big Little Lies actress frequently posts snaps of her dog pals, including this one of her French bulldog Pepper, who seems to be helping her prepare for a recent tour for her book Whiskey In a Teacup. Witherspoon also has a chocolate lab named Hank, and a German shepherd named Nash.

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Lucy Hale — with dog Elvis

Instagram @lucyhale

Lucy Hale loves her pooch Elvis so much that she calls him her son. The Pretty Little Liars star also supports organizations that help animals, like the ASPCA. Since adopting Elvis in 2016, the actress has posted countless pics of her pup on social media, and admits that he’s become “Instafamous.”

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Ed Sheeran — with cat Calippo

Instagram @teddysphotos

Maybe you’re a fan of singer Ed Sheeran, or maybe you’re just a fan of his kitties, Calippo, seen here with Sheeran, and orange tabby Dorito. In the summer of 2018, cat fanatic Sheeran made an announcement that the famous felines, who also go by the nicknames Squish and Pussle, set up their own Instagram account @thewibbles. Within 24 hours the cats had nearly 100,000 followers.

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Hilary Duff — with dog Lucy

Instagram @hilaryduff

Proving that even old dogs can bring new joy, the actress and singer announced in March of 2018 that she and boyfriend Matthew Koma adopted elder dog Lucy from L.A.’s Love Leo Rescue. Duff had lost her 10-year-old Bernese mountain dog, Dubois, a few months earlier, posting a heartfelt tribute to the dog about how much he’d meant to her.

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Lea Michele — with cat Sheila

Instagram @leamichele

Celebrities often have to be cagey about their new loves, except when that love is of the four-legged variety. In true cat lady fashion, soon after adopting Sheila, Lea Michele began posting cuddle selfies with the kitty. The Glee actress and singer also has a dog named Pearl, who appears just as fond of Sheila.

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Constance Wu — with bunny Lida Rose

Instagram @Constance Wu

Most celebrities choose the standard cat or dog variety when looking for that perfect pet, but not Constance Wu. The Crazy Rich Asians star is proud mama to her bunny Lida Rose, and frequently posts photos of herself with her bun before premieres, cuddling at home, or chilling at the beach.

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Ian Somerhalder — with cat Sohalia

Instagram @iansomerhalder

The Vampire Diaries star is a big animal lover, who already had two horses and a dog in his life when wife Nikki Reed brought home new kitty Sohalia in 2014. Somerhalder said the shelter cat was considered feral, and may have been put down if Reed hadn’t reached into the cage and formed a bond. Somerhalder said Sohalia is their sweet shoulder cat who prefers the high view to lap cuddles.

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