The Backbone — Episode 1: Managing Churn & Being Private Equity Backed

Daniel Israelsohn, VP Finance & Operations at Firmex

Welcome to the first episode of The Backbone: a journey inside finance at a startup.

For more background on the launch of this podcast, check out Introducing The Backbone!

I’m thrilled to welcome Daniel Israelsohn, Vice-President of Finance and Operations at Firmex.

Daniel Israelsohn is the VP Finance & Operations at Firmex

Daniel is responsible for overseeing all support functions including information systems, and analytics through to finance and accounting. Prior to joining Firmex Daniel spent 8 years at PwC in both Canada and the US as both an auditor and consultant. Daniel is a graduate of the Ivey business school at Western University and is a Chartered accountant.

On this episode of The Backbone, I chat with Daniel about:
  1. His journey to Firmex, after spending 8 years at PwC
  2. What Firmex does
  3. How a company like Firmex thinks about the concept of churn, being in a deals-based business
  4. What it’s like to now be private-equity backed and what it means for the finance team at Firmex
  5. The importance of the finance function at an early stage technology company

We close things off with a quickfire round:

  • Go to online resource for all things startup finance related
  • Favourite productivity hack
  • One thing you don’t leave the office before finishing
Take a listen:

Daniel also wrote a guest post on The Backbone Podcast publication about churn, which you can check out here.

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The Backbone is a podcast hosted by Shubham Datta, that explores the journey inside finance at a startup. Each episode features a finance leader (Director/VP, Finance or CFO) that:

  • shares their story of how they entered the world of startups,
  • explains what their company does
  • describes unique challenges he/she faces in their role
  • shares expertise relating to specific topics on the mind of finance leaders