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The Backbone — Episode 17: The Added Complexities of Hardware Tech Companies & How to Price a New Medical Device

Travis Phung, Director of Finance & Administration at Exact Imaging

On this episode of The Backbone I chat with Travis Phung, Director of Finance & Administration at Exact Imaging.

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Joining me on this episode is Travis Phung, Director of Finance & Administration at Exact Imaging — the developer of the world’s first high-frequency micro-ultrasound machine used in the detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

Travis was a former Senior Associate at KPMG’s Enterprise practice before joining Exact Imaging. At Exact Imaging, Travis has helped raise over $30M in capital and helped establish the company’s international operations in Europe and the United States.

A highly motivated leader, Travis is Chartered Professional Accountant and an Entrepreneur-In-Residence in Toronto’s Biomedical Zone. Travis earned his Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies at Western University and was awarded the Gold Medal within his program.

On this episode of The Backbone, I chat with Travis about:

  1. His unique journey to Exact Imaging from KPMG and how he got started in finance within the technology industry;
  2. What Exact Imaging is all about;
  3. The challenges of leading finance for a hardware technology company vs software;
  4. The pricing considerations for a new MedTech hardware device;
  5. The importance of the finance function at a technology company

We close things off with a quickfire round:

  • Go to online resource for all things startup finance related
  • Favourite productivity hack
  • One thing you don’t leave the office before finishing

Take a listen:

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The Backbone is a podcast hosted by Shubham Datta, that explores the journey inside finance at a startup. Each episode features a finance leader (Director/VP, Finance or CFO) that:

  • shares their story of how they entered the world of startups,
  • explains what their company does
  • describes unique challenges he/she faces in their role
  • shares expertise relating to specific topics on the mind of finance leaders




A journey inside finance at a startup

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