The Backbone — Episode 54: Getting the most out of a finance function

Srikant Nayak, CFO at GroupBy

Shubham Datta
Sep 30 · 7 min read
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Joining me on this episode of the Backbone is Srikant Nayak, CFO at GroupBy, a data driven ecommerce solution provider designed to transform the online experience for medium to large sized ecommerce sites.

Srikant joined GroupBy as Senior Director Finance in 2015 and over the last five years has played a major role in GroupBy’s growth. Taking full charge of GroupBy accounting and finance function from the get go, he has navigated the cash flow of a boot strapped growing Saas Enterprise through acquisition and PE rounds. Recognising his contribution, he was elevated to the CFO role in June 2018.

Srikant has more than 20 years of progressive and senior leadership experience in operational finance, gained through working in diverse sectors such as technology, healthcare, construction and real estate in Canada, India, Saudi Arabia, and UAE. Srikant is a CPA, CA from Ontario and a Chartered Accountant from India.

I chat with Srikant about:

  1. His career journey starting in India and holding progressive roles in various companies in India and Dubai, before taking on his current gig at GroupBy.
  2. GroupBy — what the company does and what is it all about?
  3. Since joining GroupBy, Srikant has helped the company raise over $15M in venture capital and complete an acquisition. He shares his biggest learnings from raising venture capital and completing an acquisition.
  4. What factors he considers when building out a finance function in order to keep it lean.
  5. The biggest misconception about the finance function within a growth stage software company like GroupBy.

We close things off with a quickfire round.

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The Backbone is a podcast hosted by Shubham Datta, that explores the journey inside finance at a startup. Each episode features a finance leader (Director/VP, Finance or CFO) that:

  • shares their story of how they entered the world of startups,
  • explains what their company does
  • describes unique challenges he/she faces in their role

The Backbone

A journey inside finance at a startup

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Shubham Datta

Written by

Coprorate Develpment @goClio (ex-@Shopify) + Host @BackbonePodcast | write about #tech, #investing, #finance, #SaaS | more:

The Backbone

A journey inside finance at a startup

Shubham Datta

Written by

Coprorate Develpment @goClio (ex-@Shopify) + Host @BackbonePodcast | write about #tech, #investing, #finance, #SaaS | more:

The Backbone

A journey inside finance at a startup

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