Hacking a Trello card velocity tracker with Glitch

At Nimbo X we use Trello to keep track of our Kanban development pipeline. We needed a way to track the card velocity/cadence of our development team. Unfortunately most existing products weren’t free and offered much more functionality. The ones free were outdated or mediocre at best.

I remixed a Trello card velocity trackerusing Glitch. I’m very impressed how easy it was, definitely feels like the future for collaborative coding & quick hacking.

Code: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/trello-cards-velocity

App: https://trello-cards-velocity.glitch.me/





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Ben Orozco

Ben Orozco

Healthtech Hacker — Full Stack Dev — Open Source & Crypto Enthusiast — CTO 🌳 @HealthTreeNet — Previously @ecaresoft & @Nimbo_X

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