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The Bad Influence

Organized or not they’re still my thoughts

A Bipolar Kind Of A Day~

My thoughts took a day off

Aleksandra Sapozhnikova

Stop judging
Stop pigeon holing
Time and time again
your focus is to blame
trying so very hard
to put others to shame
Kindly leave me alone
in my garden of confusion

A lifetime you’ve spent
in search of your Garden of Youth
I’ve been kicking back
with my selection of rhythm and blues
Who is to say
come that fine day
Garden of youth
Rhythm and blues
Who will live
to have seen an extra day
But in the words of old Blue Eyes
I would have known
I did it
my way

To stand up for
stand back from
at the same time
is a role made most difficult
nearing impossible
because it demands the humblest of passion.

And when I share my heart
it will be with you that know
its every corner
Its every crevasse
Its response to touch
Its moment of sorrow
Its demands to be left
to the peacefulness of silence
That will take the boldest of the sublime

And when you share your lips
with mine
I know
they’ll be kind
I know
they’ll be your volcanic fire
embraced by my cool Merlot
It’ll be the full bodied experience
And I too
will glow

The road to here
having taken a lifetime
was never very clear
your less than year old expedition
now feel fully justified
when criticizing my century old scars
imprinted upon by every line of failure
My face
aged from the loss
of every retracting vibrance of dignity
of its lustre
of its once sort after rejuvenating oils
Gone now
the smile you once knew
My lighter moments very few
The bitterness I feel
will never be attributed to you
The very best that I can do
Is to leave a rose
atop the milestone
separating me and you
at the crossroad meant for two




We’re a Bad Influence because we INCITE change through inclusion, thought and creativity. We imagine a world where people can think critically, express themselves, and thumb their nose at the status quo, together.

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