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An Abortion is A Woman’s Choice

Thrifty Words 100 Challenge #33: Abortion

Image by Javier Mur from Pixabay

My wife Sylvia and I volunteered as escorts at an abortion clinic in Portland, Oregon. This was at a time when Christians were attacking clinics and some of the doctors were getting murdered.

One day the crowd that showed up was vicious. They screamed at the women coming in for their appointments, calling them terrible names. These were christians.

We put our arms around the women as we escorted them, and kept up a line of patter and eye contact until we got them through the door.

An abortion is a travail for a woman, and it’s also her right.

My blood still boils reading what I just wrote — remembering the horror. What kind of good is a religion like Christianity if it makes people bad? It seems more satanic than christian.

I’m submitting this a day late, sorry about that.

The prompt came from Jonica Bradley:

Here’s what GB Rogut had to say:

As always, I thank you the readers and all you writers, especially at The Bad Influence.
… Fred Ermlich



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