The Bad Influence
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The Bad Influence

Anecdotes From A Harrowing Place — On Lies

Xiaodi Jin @Tacit Sign Studio

A Philosophical & Personal Monologue On The Human Condition

They say that there is one mutual feature, that liars and manipulators share. And this thing is fear.
Those who lie and those who force the laws of nature against itself, are scared. They live in fear.
And what better way they find to blanket themselves, to seal themselves away from reality is but to create another.
When we lie, we create something.
And as man is destined for creation, it gives a false feeling of power.
But in truth those who lie and being forceful they have no power.
When man is lacking something, it will desperately try to find it.
Desperation and fear comes hand in hand.
Desperation is the fuel and fear is the engine.
Fear is smart. It makes us blind.
Fear cannot distinguish between right and wrong.
Fear has an untold power above man, and man is bound to plead before it.
Those who are powerless, will seek false powers to equip because as human nature commands, even an illusion of something is better than the absolute nothing.
While one lives in this artificial created illusion, one tends to forget how it is to live in the present.

To breathe the air that is real. To swim in waters that are flowing and not to be suffocated by a swamp of illusions.
Those who believe that they are powerless are but lying to themselves.
Because power itself is an illusion. One does not realize that they were born with the ultimate power. The power above themselves.
They do not realize that all the qualities, all those things they have desperately searched for, fought for, or even killed for, an in fact were always present within themselves.
People are not aware that when they seek the supernatural, when they search the divine, they are already those things.
People are such creatures even they do not understand themselves.
Vessels flowing in the eternal void being present experiencing and processing life in a way that no other creature is capable of.
To be alive is the definition itself of the divine and the supernatural.
While everything comes and goes in a circle, humans have the capability to stop.
To step out of the circle for only a short while and to bear witness upon it.
That tiny stop, that moment of halt is the act of realization itself and that single act of the human kind is the power of the supernatural itself.
While others are seeking power and riches there are those people who understand that to be alive is the greatest power to wield.
Why then shatter time and space with the illusion of lies?
Is fear stronger than man?



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