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The Bad Influence

Deathly Toll

Poem — The Dark

Photo by Elti Meshau on Unsplash

The dark surrounds the barrenness
it creeps along brittle, cracked walls
like a shadow’s stare upon the steps
death creases the landscape with
strands of open wounds and calloused skin
that shed upon the floor
grave it is
grave as the starless, moonless night
fiercely piercing stricken hearts
death awaits the faces of its victims’ obedience
shriveled they become
sickly, ravenous, stoically numb
hear the sounds of mourning…




We’re a Bad Influence because we INCITE change through inclusion, thought and creativity. We imagine a world where people can think critically, express themselves, and thumb their nose at the status quo, together.

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Giulietta Passarelli

Giulietta Passarelli

Author/Poet/Writer of middle grade novels, short stories, & poems, for adults & the ageless:; updates website every 1st of the month.

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