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The Bad Influence

How to Be a Bad Boss — A Step-by-Step Guide

That’s it. You’ve had it with the endless leadership listicles and articles that claim which “must-have” traits and qualities make a good leader.

You’re burnt out. You’re mentally exhausted.

I get it.

Your sniveling, needy employees suck.

Fuck ‘em.

Sometimes, you just want to watch the world burn.

For years, you have been suppressing your baser instincts: You have been showing empathy and emotional intelligence, even though you…




We’re a Bad Influence because we INCITE change through inclusion, thought and creativity. We imagine a world where people can think critically, express themselves, and thumb their nose at the status quo, together.

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Wes O'Donnell

Wes O'Donnell

Multi-Branch Veteran | Military & Global Security writer for War is Boring, GENmag, OneZero, Edge | Law Student at WMU | TEDx Speaker | Dad to 3 | Hates nukes

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