The Bad Influence
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The Bad Influence

50/100 WORDS

If We Are Insignificant, Then Why Do We Care?

Thrifty Word Challenge Roundup 100 words #48: & 50 words #69: Portrayal

Photo by Nathan Anderson on Unsplash

Peter Scolari, Willie Garson, Norm Macdonald, Michael K. Williams, Jackie Mason, Biz Markie, Robert Downey Sr., Richard Donner, Clarence Williams III, Charles Grodin, Oympia Dukakis, DMX, George Segal, Christopher Plummer, Dustin Diamond, Larry King, Mira Furlan, Marion Ramsey, Tanya Roberts

May those listed above and others we have lost in 2021 rest in peace. You will be missed and never forgotten.

Why do we do what we do? Our very short lives quite possibly have very little significance. As far as we can tell, we are in a universe that is vast beyond our imagining, ancient beyond our imaging, but yet all of us generally work from a place where we think that our actions have meaning, our lives have consequences. Moby

Why do we do what we do? Because we do. We care. We seek connection. We are not creatures meant for self-containment, cut off from the world because if we were to remove ourselves permanently and remain inside four walls, then we cease to exist. We don’t matter. What we do won’t mater, and even if there is a shred of influence that we leave behind to inspire someone else, it won’t matter because we denied it to the world. And the brick walls will fade with image, t-shirts left undesigned, and catchphrases and jokes never spoken because nobody knew who we were, leaving an empty portrait behind.

And that’s not who we are.


It Didn’t Have to Be This Way Alma Meek

They’re intriguing which keeps us watching. Giulietta Passarelli

Meryl Streep is an alternative goat — Greatest Of All Time. Caroline de Braganza


The thespian had a thought: Some think acting is the art of lying. They are wrong… GB Rogut

Now give yourself a great big smile. Jay Krasnow

He said my wordplay was childish. James Beck

My life came to a standstill. Marla Bishop

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Melissa R. Mendelson

Melissa R. Mendelson

Horror, Science-Fiction and Dystopian Short Story Author and Poet.