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I’m Suspended in Time Forever Between What Was and What Will Be

Thrifty Word Challenge 50, #48: Next

Stuck in the limbo of NOW! . . . Image by Septimiu Balica from Pixabay . . . What the hell is he reading? Asimov, I hope.

The past is past and immutable. It is largely dead. The future doesn’t even exist and is vulnerable to supernovas and comets.

The present moment is razor thin. It lives in the past and the future, but is no part of either. It is suspenseful, but is not necessarily exciting.

I was surprised that this challenge wasn’t very challenging for me. It did help me sharpen my point of view about what comes next. I don’t spend a lot of time over what comes next. I live my life largely as if there will not be a next. Some day in the near future that will likely become a truth in my case.

Even that doesn’t bother me because nothing bothers dead people ever.

Well first I want to thank Melissa R. Mendelson for the prompt. I think our Medium writers are going to have interesting takes on what’s next.

I did a little experiment. I used Medium’s search function and looked up “next.” I found this 5-year-old article written by a British historian, where he predicted what might come next with Trump, Putin, and Brexit. He nailed it — he really did.

Well, I’ve had my say, and it feels right that I kept it all within Medium. What really comes next, or rather has been coming in the course of this year, is some very brilliant writing by Medium authors. It raises Medium above the level of social media.

And thanks for reading my stories too. I can be abrasive, but I’m trying to treat everybody better these days.




We’re a Bad Influence because we INCITE change through inclusion, thought and creativity. We imagine a world where people can think critically, express themselves, and thumb their nose at the status quo, together.

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