The Bad Influence
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The Bad Influence

I’m the Mae West of Affairs

A Different Era But With The Same Gusto

Publicity photo for (1932) Wikipedia

Mae West.

What do you know about her? Brassy blonde, sexy body, darkly painted ruby lips, and pencil thin eyebrows? From another era.

“Who was she again?”

A sex symbol — from the turn of the century. She played breezy women with sexual independence long before women actually…



We’re a Bad Influence because we INCITE change through inclusion, thought and creativity. We imagine a world where people can think critically, express themselves, and thumb their nose at the status quo, together.

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Adultery 101. Dead Bedrooms. Sex out of network. I am terrible and human. So are you. Editor of The Scarlett Letter | P.S. I Hate You | Sexpressions.