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Incite Change. Fuck the System.

What a shocking end to the month with the historic overruling of Roe vs Wade. Make no mistake, this isn’t entirely about abortion. We can’t even begin to comprehend how much a setback this will be to future generations.

It’s hard to look to the positives when news continues to cave in on human rights. Where’s the laughter? Where’s the hope for the future? Voice an opinion and you become a target for the right. Not even the far right. There’s division everywhere you look in the US.

At The Bad Influence, we will continue our mission statement to INCITE CHANGE. We’re here for the long haul and have the numbers to back us up. We’re not giving up and I hope our regular readers aren’t about to wave the white flag either.

Join a protest. Take fucking action. Shamar M has the right ideas.

James Knight has had enough.

No more sitting on the sidelines waiting for inspiration, or hoping to become an inspirational Reuben. There are literally dicks everywhere.

Thank you for your continued support. Here’s hoping the future can only get better.


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