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The Bad Influence

It Was On TV: Darth Biden Rules with a Black Fist

While Kamala Skywalker disarmingly smiles, welcoming the Bad Guys to Oblivion

This is the picture I wanted… except I wanted Biden to be wearing his black gloves. . . . By Biden-Harris Transition —, Public Domain, I hate to complain, but there’s an evil force out there controlling access to the good photos…

The disturbances to The Force are being quelled. (Quelled?) Yes, they are, unless you are affiliated with the United States Superior White Forces. Who are not superior anymore, and are now grossly outnumbered.

If you perhaps hoped this article was a deep “think piece,” I’m sorry. We all celebrate in our own ways. I tuned in at noon to watch a depressingly militarized inauguration. Instead, I witnessed a 10-hour miracle that still brings me to tears. And I absolutely for sure know that I’m not alone.

I’m amazed at all the perfect choices. I’ll start and end with Tom Hanks. Aside from being non-threatening, he made a perfect emcee. And he made all other participants be sub-emcees. The power truly was of the people, daisychained.

For me the crowning takeaway was seeing the Bidens and Harrises watching themselves being watched — however, you say it. It’s just reflexive in so many ways, and I’m obviously reduced to babbling, so bye for now.




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